Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fast combat and evaluate your builds against many different squads

The new version makes it very easy to try a combat. Just select 2 squads from a list of 70+ pre-built squads given by the community and jump into the combat. Or build your squad, add it to your list of squads and evaluate it in combat against very different builds. The prebuilt squads are featuring all unique pilots, and are coming from registered lists in championships, locals or worldwide (X-Wing Juggler).

Selecting squads from a list
In more details, here are the list of features added to this version:
* Main screen: from there, you can either import squads, create new ones or just select two squads from a prebuilt list. This list is extracted from X-Wing Juggler. Each unique pilot belongs to at least one squad, so it's easy now to try plenty of different builts, without the need to build all these squads ! When 2 squads are selected, press "Next" for Combat. To keep the load time manageable, only 70 squads are shown.
* Squad builder: separate squad building process, in a new screen. The screen scrolls now, including on pads and phones. The squads you build are automatically added to the list, in the main screen. They are stored in your browser, no need to register.
Build a new squad to add to the list
* Combat: same screen as before. The lists of units can also be scrolled.
* All messages are now in English & French (select the appropriate flag), including those appearing in the console.
* The AI tries harder to stay in the game area. It is still a very simple opponent. 
* All pilots are now done: 155/155 ! Some upgrades still need to be done: 149/162.

There are also some bug corrections.

Feel free to leave comments on these features !

If you appreciate the app and you use it, feel free also to donate (top right menu, > Donate)  what you wish or send encouragement, bug reports, suggestions, they all will be appreciated ! :-)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New bombs, YV-666 and Wave VIII

Deathrain performing a barrel roll after dropping cluster bombs
In version 0.6.5, some bug corrections but also new units and some (old and new) bombs !
  • Bombs: Proximity mine, cluster bombs, conner nets are now working. Extra munitions gives twice the amount of bombs that you can leave on the area.  With them, several units have been implemented, such as 'Deathrain', or corrected. Cluster bombs are not yet fully functional (considered as only one bomb).
  • YV-666: The auxiliary firing arc can be used. The geometry of the firing arcs has been reworked, making nice circle arcs. Moralo can fire HLC at range 2-3 within its arc.
  • New units/upgrades implemented. Some of them belong to Wave VII, such as Maneuvering Fins, others from Wave VIII such as 'Scourge', Comm Relay, XX-23 S-Thread Tracer. Many bug correction also, including Corran Horn (again), Twin Laser Turret (in particular with BTL on a Y-Wing), and auxiliary arcs, for YV-666 and Firespray are better handled with Backstabber, Etahn A'baht, Kavil, Outmaneuver, ...

    Moralo showing its HLC range.

Friday, September 11, 2015

TIE/FO and T-70 X-Wing

Both new units are now available, with all their pilots from "The Force Awakens" core set.
The Tech upgrade is still missing (no font for it), but all pilots are working with their effect.
For Tallon Roll, only one position now is proposed (center template).
Poe Dameron with its capabilities and dial

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wave 7 is in v0.6.3 !

The new version v0.6.3 has Wave 7 ships !
The K-Wing loaded with Extra Munitions
Pilots and upgrades are available for squad building, some of them can be played (slam, extra munitions, twin ion engine, ...). In this version:
  •  All wave 7 pilots and upgrades available. Some of them can be played and are effective (including slam, extra munitions, twin ion engine, ...). Only the K-Wing and Tie-Punisher have a correct picture.
  • 133 pilots implemented, 124 upgrades. See the list of the few units/upgrades missing, in the console.
  • Many bug corrections, for the timing of actions (probably some new added). Try for instance a TIE-Phantom + Stygium P.A. + Push the limit to see how PTL interacts with Stygium P.A. during decloak.
  • Faster AI (very basic but faster...)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New in version 0.6.2: Localization (French), decloak subphase and dice manipulation

This v0.6.2 update corrects cloak/decloak and adds localization. Very few bug corrections, due to Summer break !
'Echo' possible positions after decloaking 
  • Localization: cards and part of the UI can now be translated in other languages. You can now play in French :-) The console messages and the different subwindows (About, Help, ...) are not yet translated. Two JSON files (in English and in French) are used to define the localized text.  Next step is to translate all messages appearing in the console, and add new languages. Leave a comment here if you are willing to help !
  • Cloak/Decloak: now decloak occurs as a subphase of activation and decloak is not handled as an action. There as still some shortcomings, in particular with Stygium P.A. that does not trigger an action (no effect with Push the limit) when cloaking/decloaking.
  • Dice manipulation: You can manually change the result of a roll by clicking on a die. It will cycle through all possible values.
  • User interface modifications: Console window can be closed/reopened, modal subwindows (About, Help, Import,...) can be moved around and scrolled.  "X-Wing" has been removed from the name of the app and of this blog, just in case...
  • Bug corrections: just a few bugs, in particular with Dash Rendar that now can perform maneuvers on obstacles.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Import X-Wings Juggler lists

X-Wing  Juggler is a great site for recording and analyzing the composition of squad lists.
Juggler uses JSON XWS format to import the lists, and displays them in a human-readable format:
Carnor Jax + Royal Guard TIE + Push the Limit + Stealth Device + Autothrusters
Sigma Squadron Pilot + Intelligence Agent + Sensor Jammer + Stygium Particle Accelerator
Sigma Squadron Pilot + Intelligence Agent + Sensor Jammer + Stygium Particle Accelerator
 It is now possible to copy/paste this compact text description and import it in Squadron Benchmark, directly. The interface is the same as for JSON format, the tool automatically finds the appropriate format. The faction used by the squad is also automatically determined.
Import window in X-Wings Squadron Benchmark
This is still experimental, feel free to leave a comment if you find this import interesting !

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zoom/Pan and Orientation for positions

The version 0.6.1 improves the user interface with zoom/pan of the main combat zone, corrects bugs for range of weapons and adds orientation for positions:
  • Zoom / Pan: Use mouse wheel or touch control to zoom in/out, drag the background image to pan. To center around a unit that is not on screen, use the 'c' keyboard shortcut or select the unit in the right/left lists.
  • Applying "Stay on target". The square in front of the unit allows to do a K-turn and a forward maneuver, by selecting the appropriate arrow.
  • Orientations for positions: Now the direction showing where the unit is heading is indicated in the position slots. For 'Stay on target', this helps for instance to disambiguate between K turns and forward maneuvers.
  • Limits of the game area are indicated with dotted lines
  • Asteroids can be moved while their range is showing. This allows for more accurate positioning. 
  • Firing range has been corrected. For instance, HLC is working as expected.
  • Some new pilots of TIE Advanced added.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keyboard shortcuts

X-Wings Squadron Benchmark has a number of keyboard shortcuts:
  • ESC: same as pressing the button "Next Phase", but can help when the button is disabled by mistake
  • s:  next step: when the game is frozen and you cannot select another unit, probably there is some pending effect that waits to be activated. This key will do that and is for debugging purposes.
  • 0 / shift+0: adds / removes a FOCUS token to the selected unit
  • 1 / shift+1: adds / removes a EVADE token to the selected unit
  • 2 / shift+2: adds / removes a CLOAK token to the selected unit
  • 3 / shift+3: adds / removes a STRESS token to the selected unit
  • 4 / shift+4: adds / removes a ION token to the selected unit
  •  f : (fire) forces the selected unit to fire EDIT: 04/2016
  •  p / shift+p : (possible moves) shows / hides possible moves of selected unit
    • In RED, positions that are not possible (outside of board or K turns when stressed)
    • In YELLOW, positions that overlap obstacles
    • In WHITE, positions that overlap other units
    • In GREEN, free positions.
      Possible positions, with their collision for an A-Wing
  •  w: (weapons) shows probability to hit/kill for a selected unit, for all its weapons. Still in development.
  • n / shift+n : next / previous unit to select
  • c : centers on selected unit 
EDIT: 04/2016: current key bindings are now available directly in the app, in the top right menu.

Version 0.6 is out. Criticals are working !

This version 0.6 corrects many bugs from previous version and offers the following features:
  • Permalink: When you save during the planning phase, you save also the positions of all the units and of all the obstacles. The player selection (human vs AI) can now be done after you save. For instance, try YWing+BTLx4 vs BBBZ list or a Dash+Corran vs Soontir + Oicunn
  • Criticals: all criticals have been implemented. So far, there is only one deck for both sides. Try "Leebo" with Determination or Saboteur to see this work
  • AI player: The AI player has a bit improved. Units are moved in order to stay in the zone of play, avoid obstacles whenever possible and close the distance with enemy units. Only evade and focus actions are selected, and during combat, units will use all possible modifiers/rerolls available. 
  • Plenty of pilots: 122 pilots out of 123 have their effect encoded in the app
  • Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon donut
  • Plenty of upgrades: 119/133 upgrades with special effects ! 

What's coming in next versions ?

Well, I can put new features but feel free to leave a comment on this page if you want some other features !

Saturday, June 20, 2015

New version 0.5: AI player, bombs !

This version 0.5 has significantly more features than the previous one:
  • An AI player ! The AI player moves and fires primary weapon, trying to keep contact with the enemy units. The AI is simple, best to use it with non unique pilots.
  • Bombs: seimic and proton bombs are working. No proximity mines yet ! (need to take a photo...)
  • Plenty of pilots: 115 pilots out of 123 have their effect encoded in the app
  • Bomb dropped from an Y-Wing
  • Plenty of upgrades: 91/133 upgrades with special effects ! 

What's coming in next versions ?

Well, I can put new features but feel free to leave a comment on this page if you want some other features !