Friday, September 11, 2015

TIE/FO and T-70 X-Wing

Both new units are now available, with all their pilots from "The Force Awakens" core set.
The Tech upgrade is still missing (no font for it), but all pilots are working with their effect.
For Tallon Roll, only one position now is proposed (center template).
Poe Dameron with its capabilities and dial


  1. there seems to be some problem with boost(thanks for maintaining this)

  2. I've found at least three issue:
    1. TLT will not fire its second shot sometimes
    2. R2D2 will not recover a shield after revealing a green
    3. TLT + BTL title will cause it to lock up when taking the third shot

    This thing is great. I love simulating possible builds online.

    1. 1. For TLT, this seems to work now. If it doesn't, please tell me which unit you are using TLT with
      2. R2-D2 (astromech) recovers a shield after executing a green, not revealing a green. It seems to work for me. Which squads are you using ? (you can post the permalink)
      3. Indeed ! Corrected
      Thanks for the report !

  3. Love your work! A couple observations:
    There's no option to not use certain abilites, like R3-A2, or Miranda Doni's modification.
    A Twin Laser Turret on Miranda never seems to fire twice.
    If the ship with the highest pilot skill is destroyed before combat (by an obstacle), you cannot skip to the next pilot, you have to skip combat that turn to continue.

    1. Yes, there are some automatic decisions taken at some places. It can be changed, more or less easily, depending on when user interaction is triggered. I've added R3-A2 interaction.
      Twin laser should work better now (hopefully !).
      For the last bug, indeed ! This is not yet corrected, but I put it on the list of bugs to correct.
      Thanks for the feed back !

  4. Red Squadron Veterans are missing the EPT slot.
    The first time a Blue Squadron Novice fired at me, the "Fire" button was missing.

    1. Added the EPT slot for Red Squadron Veterans.
      For the Blue Squadron Novice, what was your squad setup ? (you can post the permalink here, or just give the list)
      cheers !

    2. Ok, I found the bug of the missing button (Autothrusters). Corrected.
      Cheers !

  5. BB-8 is not functioning properly. Should be barrel-rolling before maneuver, and allowing use of Push the Limit for a second action off the barrel roll, then the green maneuver actually happens (which clears the stress from push the limit).

    currently, the ship moves, then is prompted to barrel roll, then gets its normal action (an PTL if allowed)