Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keyboard shortcuts

X-Wings Squadron Benchmark has a number of keyboard shortcuts:
  • ESC: same as pressing the button "Next Phase", but can help when the button is disabled by mistake
  • s:  next step: when the game is frozen and you cannot select another unit, probably there is some pending effect that waits to be activated. This key will do that and is for debugging purposes.
  • 0 / shift+0: adds / removes a FOCUS token to the selected unit
  • 1 / shift+1: adds / removes a EVADE token to the selected unit
  • 2 / shift+2: adds / removes a CLOAK token to the selected unit
  • 3 / shift+3: adds / removes a STRESS token to the selected unit
  • 4 / shift+4: adds / removes a ION token to the selected unit
  •  f : (fire) forces the selected unit to fire EDIT: 04/2016
  •  p / shift+p : (possible moves) shows / hides possible moves of selected unit
    • In RED, positions that are not possible (outside of board or K turns when stressed)
    • In YELLOW, positions that overlap obstacles
    • In WHITE, positions that overlap other units
    • In GREEN, free positions.
      Possible positions, with their collision for an A-Wing
  •  w: (weapons) shows probability to hit/kill for a selected unit, for all its weapons. Still in development.
  • n / shift+n : next / previous unit to select
  • c : centers on selected unit 
EDIT: 04/2016: current key bindings are now available directly in the app, in the top right menu.

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