Monday, March 28, 2016

Better display, all Wave 8 units in v0.8.4

Ruthless Freelancer
I just received the Ghost, Punisher and TIE Adv. Prototype boxes (in French) ! 
So this 0.8.4 update is essentially for improving display, adding a few units that were missing. 

I added the French translations for all these cards, and a few units/cards I missed: Baron of the Empire, Lothal Rebel, Ruthless Freelancer and Gand Findsman. I added their corresponding images, for use in the squad builder.  Electronic Baffle and Overclocked R4 are also added, not yet implemented.The squad builder has been slightly changed, to better fit the window.

In the previous versions, it was easy to miss an effect requiring the selection of a unit. The units were only highlighted in gray, and if you pressed the  "next phase", the game was probably stuck. Now, they are flashing ominously, this should help.
The mines dropped have now a different animation, with a line turning around the mine.
Tokens, hull and shield points  received and lost by pilots are shown on screen, as animation. I think this significantly improves the understanding of what happens during the game. 

In the navigation bar, a gear icon opens a setting window, where you can choose the volume for all game effects, you can show/hide  the console and show/hide movement traces. All units leave a trace of their faction color, actions such as barrel roll and boost leave dotted lines.

A few bug corrections for this update: 2 criticals were causing stalls, deploying units was stalling, mines were not functioning properly. This is better now.  Tel Trevura has been corrected.

The import button no longer exist. You just have to type or paste a list into one of the textarea for squads #1 and #2 to import the list. XWS3.0 imports are now possible again, just paste your squad list in this format and it will appear automagically as a plain list, and be integrated in your squad lists.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Translation Corner

So far, Squadron Benchmark is only in French and in (nearly correct) English. If you want to translate the whole interface into another language, you are most welcome !

To keep this simple, you just have to download this JSON file that contains all translations from English to French:
and then clone it, or download it and modify it, and send it back to me. You can edit with a text editor, this is a simple text file essentially.

The format is the following, you have several records:  ships, pilots, upgrades, criticals, css, ui.
Each corresponds to a table of translations.
  • For ships, css, ui, simply rewrite the French version into your preferred language. 
  • For pilots and upgrades, each entry looks like this (for Proton Torpedoes):
     "Proton Torpedoes": {
            "name": "Torpilles à protons",
            "text": "<strong>Attaque (acquisition de cible) :</strong> utilisez votre acquisition de cible et défaussez cette carte pour effectuer cette attaque. Vous pouvez échanger 1 de vos résultats %FOCUS% contre 1 résultat %CRIT%."
    with two entries: name and text, that can be optional. Name is the translation of the name of the card and text is the translation of the card description. In the translated text, you can use HTML (fewer is better) and special words like %CRIT% and %FOCUS% as in the above example. They will be replaced by special symbols (for a critical and a hit). Don't put text for "Limited", "Rebels only" or this kind of restriction, since it is taken into account by the squad builder. The list of special symbols is (left moves are not shown):
For some pilots, there is no entry at all (no translation available yet in French). Feel free to fill it if you know the translation.

Cheers  !