Saturday, August 29, 2015

New in version 0.6.2: Localization (French), decloak subphase and dice manipulation

This v0.6.2 update corrects cloak/decloak and adds localization. Very few bug corrections, due to Summer break !
'Echo' possible positions after decloaking 
  • Localization: cards and part of the UI can now be translated in other languages. You can now play in French :-) The console messages and the different subwindows (About, Help, ...) are not yet translated. Two JSON files (in English and in French) are used to define the localized text.  Next step is to translate all messages appearing in the console, and add new languages. Leave a comment here if you are willing to help !
  • Cloak/Decloak: now decloak occurs as a subphase of activation and decloak is not handled as an action. There as still some shortcomings, in particular with Stygium P.A. that does not trigger an action (no effect with Push the limit) when cloaking/decloaking.
  • Dice manipulation: You can manually change the result of a roll by clicking on a die. It will cycle through all possible values.
  • User interface modifications: Console window can be closed/reopened, modal subwindows (About, Help, Import,...) can be moved around and scrolled.  "X-Wing" has been removed from the name of the app and of this blog, just in case...
  • Bug corrections: just a few bugs, in particular with Dash Rendar that now can perform maneuvers on obstacles.