Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Timing Your Attack and Wave 9 units

This is the release of version 0.9 ! Many improvements in this new version, with added units, better rule implementation, small interface improvements and a few bug corrections.

Timing Your Attack:
The 0.9 release of Squadron Benchmark follows the timing updates in the most recent FAQ concerning multiple attacks, and more generally, all additional attacks are better handled. Gunner and Luke extra attack forbid additional attacks the same turn, you can choose your weapon and the targets depending on the extra attack (multiple cannons with IG-88B for instance), ...

The messy case of Valen Rudor attacking with Cluster Missiles against Dengar equipped with Gunner and R5-P8 works as expected. Similarly, a Twin Laser Turret  with a Gunner and Tactician works also. Feel free to experiment with the new 'Quickdraw' unit, that gains an extra attack when loosing a shield. 

New Wave 9 units, and more:
All wave 9 units are now implemented:
Select the new action
  • Norra Wexley, Shara Bey, Thane Kyrel, Braylen Stramm, Fenn Rau, Kad Solus, Old Teroch, Sabine Wren, Asajj Ventress, Ketsu Onyo, Quickdraw, Backdraft. 
Select one of the orientation

The following upgrades are also implemented:
  • Gyroscopic targeting, black market slicer tools, IG-88D, Ketsu Onyo, Latts Razzi, Fearlessness, Concord Dawn Protector, Alliance Overhaul, Vectored Thrusters, Tail Gunner, R3 Astromech, Sensor Cluster, Special Ops Training, Colliding Detector, Seismic Torpedo. 
Only the Rigged Cargo Chute is not working yet. You can experiment with the new rotating arc of the Lancer-class Pursuit craft, and try its pilots and dedicated upgrades.

Finally, the Emperor Palpatine is implemented ! It triggers a small window, allowing you to choose to modify a die of the Emperor team.  In a combat, the "Crew" icon triggers the Emperor effect.

Filtering units in squad creation 

When creating a new squad, with roughly 210 ships and 210 upgrades to choose from, this can be a bit difficult to find the right unit. The filter allows to select units (pilots) with selected upgrade icons, with selected actions, and with selected maneuvers. Upgrades and actions correspond to what appears on the pilot card, only pilots with the selected icons are selected. Pilots that could use modification upgrades adding extra actions, or extra upgrade slots are not taken into account.
For maneuvers, this is only a half dial (right maneuvers are not shown). Select for instance a 3 hard turn and you will see only units that have this maneuver (whatever the color).
By selecting multiple maneuvers, you can actually define the dial of the units in your squad, or just compare the dial of different units.

A few bug corrections
Collisions with asteroids, Jek Porkins, Electronic Baffle, Agent Kallus, C-3PO have been corrected. A few timing issues related to multiple attacks have also been corrected, and some action timing has been made clearer (I hope !).

Top10 list and battle log
The Top10 list has been updated with more recent squad lists, and the battle log now consults the large database of battles played inside Squadron Benchmark and shows the first 100 battles concerning any given squad.
Edit: Battle log  links are now working again, you can watch other battles in battlelog

Enjoy ! 
As usual, feel free to submit bugs, suggestions and comments below, and if you appreciate the app, you can also Donate (top right menu) !


  1. Thank-you for this app and the constant update. :)
    I use this app to practice with myself very often.
    I couldn't select the upgrades on the Shadowcaster (possibly because it lacks graphic). Here's a picture of the problem:

    1. Yes, I forgot to upload the images. Done and thanks !

  2. Bug #2: No matter what move (green, white, red) Kad Solus does, 2 focuses are granted. Correction: Kad Solus should gain 2 focuses on red maneuvers only.

    1. Indeed, there was no check ! Now corrected. Thanks!

  3. Bug #3: Mobile Arc Rotation doesn't always work; I tried changing the arc every round. The arc only rotates maybe the first 2 times. Most of the time it doesn't and it's stuck in one position.
    For testing, I recommend using Guri (has boast and barrel roll and 1 turns) as prey to go around Ketsu's Lancer while attempting to move her arc around.

    1. Corrected, there was some "last minute correction" bug...For debugging, I also use the weapon button displaying the firing arcs (primary and mobile). Cheers !

  4. 1 - Dengar doesn't get to shoot back at someone that shoots at him in his arc.

    2 - Secondary weapons like HLC and Mangler cannon don't get to shoot now at all and it prevents anyone else from shooting once the ship with the secondary weapon is activated. You have to hit the NEXT button to skip the rest of combat.