Monday, September 7, 2015

Wave 7 is in v0.6.3 !

The new version v0.6.3 has Wave 7 ships !
The K-Wing loaded with Extra Munitions
Pilots and upgrades are available for squad building, some of them can be played (slam, extra munitions, twin ion engine, ...). In this version:
  •  All wave 7 pilots and upgrades available. Some of them can be played and are effective (including slam, extra munitions, twin ion engine, ...). Only the K-Wing and Tie-Punisher have a correct picture.
  • 133 pilots implemented, 124 upgrades. See the list of the few units/upgrades missing, in the console.
  • Many bug corrections, for the timing of actions (probably some new added). Try for instance a TIE-Phantom + Stygium P.A. + Push the limit to see how PTL interacts with Stygium P.A. during decloak.
  • Faster AI (very basic but faster...)


  1. I'm still not seeing implementation for the Engine Upgrade here... I'm not really complaining, I love what you have done so far, and beggars can't be choosers, but the engine upgrade never does seem to work for me. Also, Jake ferrel's ability has been inconsistent.

  2. Engine upgrade should be ok now. I understood that the problem came only when you use a permalink. This save was not restoring additional actions given to the unit.