Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zoom/Pan and Orientation for positions

The version 0.6.1 improves the user interface with zoom/pan of the main combat zone, corrects bugs for range of weapons and adds orientation for positions:
  • Zoom / Pan: Use mouse wheel or touch control to zoom in/out, drag the background image to pan. To center around a unit that is not on screen, use the 'c' keyboard shortcut or select the unit in the right/left lists.
  • Applying "Stay on target". The square in front of the unit allows to do a K-turn and a forward maneuver, by selecting the appropriate arrow.
  • Orientations for positions: Now the direction showing where the unit is heading is indicated in the position slots. For 'Stay on target', this helps for instance to disambiguate between K turns and forward maneuvers.
  • Limits of the game area are indicated with dotted lines
  • Asteroids can be moved while their range is showing. This allows for more accurate positioning. 
  • Firing range has been corrected. For instance, HLC is working as expected.
  • Some new pilots of TIE Advanced added.


  1. Hello! Love your Benchmark tool. However, the latest build seems to have broken the asteroid placement. You can move the asteroids but when you fly over the default asteroid positions (even if you have moved them) the tool says you have overlapped an obstacle and you take damage / can't do an action even if no asteroid is present.

    1. Thanks ! The shadow asteroids are fixed, when asteroids are moved, units can no longer collide with their initial position.