Monday, March 30, 2015

Updated layout for Squadron Benchmark

The app now displays units in the same fashion as in video shown by Team Covenant. All units cards are displayed, showing clearly their remaining shield and hull points (yellow and blue dots near the cards). The detail of the units is now obtained through the "List all units" menu. Actions for the current phase are attached to each unit in the main game area. Selecting one of them displays buttons for the actions available to the unit.
    Dial for an X-Wing
  • Set up: You can only drag units around, and turn them using the panel of arrows.
  • Planning: The available maneuvers in the dial are shown. Select one, for all ships and then go to the next phase.
  • Activation:  Press the button "move" (starting with units with lower skill) and then select one of the action available. The "--" action is a no-action.

  • Combat: There is only one contextual button, and it shows the list of units in weapon range (using any weapon available that can be fired this turn). For each unit, the table displays the % to hit, and when hit, the average number of hits and criticals. It takes into account the capacity of the units (if any), evade and focus tokens as well as blue targeting tokens. The last column shows the % to kill the target unit. It takes into account shields, hull and any defensive bonus the target unit has.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A new tool for X-Wing miniatures fans !

The Squadron Benchmark is a web app to test new squads before playing them in real life.
There are already Squadron builder tools, and VASSAL can be used to play on-line with other humans, so why another tool ?

The objective of the app are a bit different:
  • Use directly the squads built from the squadron builder tools to play a "game". It's a one player tool.
  • Quickly try some new tactics, new maneuvers or combination of pilots from the squads you build. If this does not work and the odds are against you, you can simply reload the page and start again !
  • Learn to maneuver the ships together, take advantage of the interactions they have, better graps the probabilities to hit depending on position, tokens, ...You can view at any time in the app the primary firing arc of any ship, their range, the list of units in range with their probability to hit. 
    Probabilities computed by Squad benchmark
  • Rely on the computer to apply all special abilities of the pilots and upgrades. This part is still in progress so far...
Squadron Benchmark comes with 2 simple squadrons, but you can import your own squad exported in JSON using for instance one of these builders:
All ships are available with the exception of huge ships (no Epic mode).  Read the detail concerning this first version and try the app !