Monday, January 25, 2016

Share and replay your combats

With this new update, no bug correction but the possibility to share and replay combats ! Simply finish a combat and then you have a short url such as
that can be shared with email, facebook, twitter or reddit. This can be used to show your tactics, challenge your friends or show bugs...

When the animation has finished, you can see the score and decide to replay it, or to restart the game from the initial setup (to outperform previous score).
To include the animation in a page, simply create an iframe of less than 300px x 300px (only the main area is kept visible), with source the short url. A button "replay" is then automatically displayed at the end of the animation.

Enjoy !


  1. Tried to share a replay and it gets hung up a couple turns in. "Cannot find id 1" in the "squadron" map, after a ship was destroyed:

  2. Valen Rudor console error stops games "sh unwrapping Valen Rudor endbeingattacked"

  3. I was able to use this feature once and in subsequent games I don't get a URL nor are the twitter/facebook etc. buttons in color. Mine are grayed out and when I click them they take me back to the main squadron creation page.

    Any ideas?