Sunday, January 31, 2016

Battle log: Watch all other combats, show your tactics or learn from others !

You have access to all previous finished combats in the "Battle log". Watch other tactics, evaluate the strength of a squad/unit in combat, replay a particular combat if you think you can obtain a better score, or learn from others !

The Battle log can be consulted from the main screen. First select the pilots you want to see in combat, press "View" in the bottom table, and then pick one of the combat involving these pilots in the top table, with different upgrades and setups. For each combat registered, the number of views is displayed, the score and who played each side (Human or computer).

You can also try to obtain a better score if possible. or change sides. For this, view the battle full screen and then, press the "Replay" button, behind the score.

The Battle log is still in alpha stage, there are probably many bugs.
The log only displays the last 100 battles, for now.


  1. This is amazing. Thank you!

  2. Noticed a consistent bug, when Manaroo passes TL to Dengar it seems to freeze up every time. Thought you might like to know