Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Translation Corner

So far, Squadron Benchmark is only in French and in (nearly correct) English. If you want to translate the whole interface into another language, you are most welcome !

To keep this simple, you just have to download this JSON file that contains all translations from English to French:
and then clone it, or download it and modify it, and send it back to me. You can edit with a text editor, this is a simple text file essentially.

The format is the following, you have several records:  ships, pilots, upgrades, criticals, css, ui.
Each corresponds to a table of translations.
  • For ships, css, ui, simply rewrite the French version into your preferred language. 
  • For pilots and upgrades, each entry looks like this (for Proton Torpedoes):
     "Proton Torpedoes": {
            "name": "Torpilles à protons",
            "text": "<strong>Attaque (acquisition de cible) :</strong> utilisez votre acquisition de cible et défaussez cette carte pour effectuer cette attaque. Vous pouvez échanger 1 de vos résultats %FOCUS% contre 1 résultat %CRIT%."
    with two entries: name and text, that can be optional. Name is the translation of the name of the card and text is the translation of the card description. In the translated text, you can use HTML (fewer is better) and special words like %CRIT% and %FOCUS% as in the above example. They will be replaced by special symbols (for a critical and a hit). Don't put text for "Limited", "Rebels only" or this kind of restriction, since it is taken into account by the squad builder. The list of special symbols is (left moves are not shown):
For some pilots, there is no entry at all (no translation available yet in French). Feel free to fill it if you know the translation.

Cheers  !


  1. JS Error when using PTL for an extra focus action with TIE Advanced Prototype in Safari:

    TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.infoicon[b++].attr')
    (anonymous function)bench.min.js:332:366
    (anonymous function)
    (anonymous function)all.min.js:230:232
    (anonymous function)bench.min.js:120:350
    (anonymous function)

  2. I think it's because your TIE Advanced Prototype had more than 4 different types of tokens. Only 4 display slots were created on the unit. Now the limit is 6, and even if a unit has more than 6 different types of tokens, there is no more bug.